How would your life improve in an antique home?

Where others see a problem, we see a place of fantasy and uniqueness.

You can find many different proven benefits, both for yourself and your family. Between these benefits are the warmth that is provided through natural materials, the comfort of a stable temperature throughout the whole year, the ample space where you can gather, resting looking at the beams on the ceiling, the freedom from neighbors…

From our studio of restoring antique houses we know how important it is to you that the operation respects the authentic elements of the home, such as the beams, doors and floors.

I can’t bear to take out anything original and always try to give it a second chance to every detail and material to try and rescue it. Everything that we find in each house was created for it and is an inseparable part of it.

However, we are aware that not everything can be rescued, but we will find a way to fix it without the house losing any of its essence, so that you feel comfortable and at ease in it.

We combine sensibility and knowledge in order to reclaim the spirit of the antique house.

The story of your house is told through its own materials. We look for recycled materials and materials from the time that adapts perfectly for the aesthetic of the home. We implement personalized conservation treatments for the architectural elements of the building.

Furthermore, we resolve all problems that can come up during an renovation, from architectural  to functional issues and even to the aesthetics.

Respect for the old.

We are specialists with experience in the restoration of antique houses in Spain. Our way of working always guarantees the maximum respect for the building’s history.

  • Reformations with minimum interference.
  • Personalized restoration treatments.
  • Conservation of architectural elements.
  • Search for recycled materials that match the time of the home.

Make your dream a reality.

We know that to make the decision to renovate an antique home is full of doubts and fears. We love to help you in this very important process and make your dream a reality.

Need more details?

Get in contact with us if you would like to know more about our studio, projects, or job process. We would be delighted to help you and solve any doubts.