I am Cristina Sanz, and my motto is: antique and functional.

The first thing I think as entering in an antique home is: “ I hope someone took care of it and would give it another chance”.

I am this person who goes through the streets turning my head everytime I see an antique home and I can’t resist myself to take a picture of the front of the home, the door, the metal bars, and all of the beautiful and lovely elements.

I imagine reclaiming its soul and restoring it for the next family.

I’m excited to return to all these houses the splendor and livability that they once had in the past.

Since I was small, the houses in the town always called my attention and they made me feel a weird sense of sadness seeing them in these states.

I trained as a draftsman and curator of restoration so with that mix I have focused on saving our history through antique houses for sensitive people that want to enjoy a different and peaceful type of life in one of these homes.

Respect for the antique.

We are specialists with experience in restoring antique homes in Spain.

Our way of working always guarantees the maximum respect for the history of the buildings.

  • Reformations with minimum interference.
  • Personalized restoration treatments.
  • Conservation of architectural elements.
  • Search for recycled materials that match the time of the home.

Need more details?

Get in contact with us if you would like to know more about our studio, projects, or job process. We would be delighted to help you and solve any doubts.