When? The right moment doesn’t exist, You have to create it.

We will be with you so that your projects become a reality.

1. Connection and understanding.

At first, we will meet for an initial session, where we will get to know one another and I will listen to all your needs, desires, fears, dreams…

If you still haven’t found the antique home of your dreams, I also can help you in finding the one that best suits you.

2. Project: old and functional.

After the first contact, we will perform a completely personalized project, according to your vision and lifestyle, where every old detail will be respected and cared for and we will adapt to the functional needs of the time period.

3. Execution of the project.

Once the operation is defined, it will be the moment for the execution. We will transform your house into that space of tranquility and peace, with the help of a team of multidisciplinary professionals that will be in charge of delivering what was promised for the project.

+ Direct communication throughout the whole process.

We will maintain a close communication between us so that you are informed through every moment and every small detail of the operation. Through meetings, plans, drawings, and inspiration, we will capture your idea into reality.

+ We supervise the execution from start to end.

From this way, we guarantee the operation will be completely respectful with the old elements of the residence and that the process follows everything agreed upon in the project of your dreams. Paying attention to each detail and material as they deserve.

Need more details?

Get in contact with us if you would like to know more about our studio, projects, or job process. We would be delighted to help you and solve any doubts.