Would you like to give life to your childhood home? Do you want to find peace and calm in a home with history?

When we enter our home we look to feel in harmony with safety and calmness.

Dare yourself to transform your life through an antique house. I am going to help you to restore that house that you love so much and convert it into a comfortable home where special moments are made and family legacy is left.

Antique and Functional is my motto, and I use it in every project.

We are aware that we must adapt all requests to each family that will live in them, because our homes are magical and personal places to which we come back to every day to connect with our loved ones and our own selves.

From maximum respect for the past eras and the history that is told in their walls, we create an extraordinary and authentic space with character, as much inside as outside, adapting it to your current needs and bringing it back to modern times.

Passion and Respect for what is ours.

Every corner of an antique building tells a story through its spaces, atmosphere and materials.

But to restore an antique house is not easy. You need a combination of sensibility and specific knowledge that make it possible to respect the essence of the building with minimum intervention.

Thus, you need a professional who is specialized in the renovation of antique houses with experience in restoring and the love for our traditional architecture.

Need more details?

Get in contact with us if you would like to know more about our studio, projects, or job process. We would be delighted to help you and solve any doubts.